Please be patient while this site forms into a real one. I know its been a work in progress from some time now, but its getting there.

  • What is Art?

    Is art an evolutionary trait developed post communication as the self progressed? This is an attempt to post a blog entry and not intended to be real content.

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A collection of essays and tutorials intended to be read by a general audience who may stumble across this site unintentionally and find a good read.


This is where you can find my various slideshows from places I've visited or random pics that I deem artful. These pictures are backed by Dropbox.


Soundcloud is awesome and this is a link an old track I produced with some of my old Baton Rouge neighbors. This will probably look better at some point as I intend on writing my own widget.


In March of 2004, I started a seven month hike along the Appalachian Trail and finished a wonderful thru-hike in Maine. This year marks my ten year anniversary!